Listing The Changes In Airport Security Since 9-11

Most people know that we must remember 911 because it was a tragic day in the life of our great nation.

While it is true that other tragic events have happened in the last 100 years, nothing compares to this awful act committed by ruthless people. Safety is really important and at Best locksmith they go over the safety rules everyday. Innocent people were affected and as a result we must remember the day correctly.

The first way I can think of is by supporting the affected families.

There are trust funds and organizations out there created for the affected families. It was a reall sad day on september 11, that’s a day that i will never for get, I was passing by this Locksmith small business in Austin TX and i saw everyone around a tv and thats when i saw what was happening. Please remember that some of the families lost their main support.Some children even lost both parents as a result of the attacks.

A single donation will help the families by providing them the necessary things to survive.

I cannot picture losing my parents at this age let alone as a child. I feel this way is a great way to remember that tragic event because you are helping out a family that truly needs your help.

You don’t have to donate lots of money. Any little bit will help. If lots of people contributed just a $1, you would end up with thousands of dollars in no time. This is critical. We must remember that tragic day and help out the affected families.


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My Blog From Last Years 9-11 Coverage

Even though its been more than a decade since the tragic events of 911, we as Americans should still continue to care for the impact that day has had on our lives.

Many things have changed since that day and some for the better while others for the worse.

Security has increased a significant amount to the point that it becomes a hassle for some people.

It just really hurts seeing all the buildings fall and just remembering all that aluminum extrusions on the floor from the buildings. I personally don’t mind the extra time it takes to get through an airport. It allows me to feel safer and more protected.

Another reason to still care for 911 is that it is the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history.

Many lives were lost that day as a result of some twisted individuals. When I found out about 9/11 it was when power window repair Miami came over my house to help me in. Countless more lives were affected by it. Some children were forced to grow up without their parents.

Some parents lost their children. It is a horrific tragedy that should have never happened. We should all remember that day and be thankful for what we currently have. We should pay respect to all the lives lost and offer a hand to those who lost loved ones. I know that garage door round rock do a memorial every years for 9-11 victims.  It is extremely easy to forget the event for those of us who did not directly suffer. It is impossible for those directly affected to get back their lost ones.

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Tribute to 9-11

The events of 9/11 will forever live in our memories as long as we live. They changed many peoples’ lives and even changed how we as a country think and react. If you stop to think about it, these events brought along many painful events but also changed us for the better. We are now stronger as a country and as individuals. We will always remember the many victims of there horrific events. We as people should support each other. It is sad to think that it took a tragedy of this magnitude to change us for the better. That day will forever be etched in my memory.

I was in high school at the time and remember it like it happened yesterday. I had just woken up to get ready for school. I was going through my daily routine. Wake up, open my solar window shades, shower and get dressed for school. You can also get blinds like these faux wood blinds and vertical blinds. Or you can solar shades like blackout shades and motorized blinds. For new window shades like these roman shades and bamboo blinds. I stopped when I heard my mom gasp loudly. What I saw on TV was something I will never forget. They were showing the twin towers on fire when all of a sudden a second plane crashes into them. The owner of rollease told me he was in New York the week before the 9-11 attack and said he was shocked when he saw what was going on TV. We should all remember and never forget those awful events. It is important to have a tribute to that day and the many victims of that tragedy.

I have even heard stories of brides being in love and getting married in but with 1 9-11 pin to show their love for the USA. This is something that is very American and I hope can keep us together and in love for a longer time.

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